One-Megaphone Project




As we can see from news and social medias, Protesting has become the new norm. Marching down the street is not only for demanding change but also for finding a sense of belonging.


As a contemporary designer One-Megaphone is my response to empower people by giving them a vehicle of ideas using Bluetooth and internet connectivity to bring people together for social change.


One-Megaphone project is an internet connected megaphone that links to channels through an app. The More people connect, The bigger the voice. The app is a bridge between physical product and human actions. it not only facilitate One-Megaphone but also helps people to reach out from a different part of the world. It is simple. you either crests a channel for other One-Megaphone to join or search a channel to join to distribute others’ voice.


For my validation, create a protest of my own, TaiwaneseLivesMatter, by using One-Megaphone and One-App together. TaiwaneseLivesMatter was host in front of the China’s embassy in London as a response to the recent news about WHA does not invite Taiwan to the assembly this year due to the China’s pressure.


I create a channel in the app, and 8 One-Megaphones joins, to create a sound shell. when I shout out, “Shame on WHA”, with a half second delay, the message sends to all the other 8 megaphones via internet and Bluetooth and amplifying together.


I am imaging One-Megaphone will become a global protest tool in the future, sending messages to over sea through the app platform, creating a protesting community with no border limitation.